Monthly Archives: May 2011

Atmosphere wins at MUSE Awards

The American Association of Museums MUSE awards gave Atmosphere an ‘honourable mention’ last night, citing the ‘highest standards of excellence in the use of media & technology for interpretive interactive installations’. Gosh, I think that means they liked it.

So, congratulations to Casson Mann, the Science Museum, Nick Bell Design and AllofUs for the award-winning design and content.

DHA projects are ‘energy exemplars’ in Lux magazine…

The new lighting magazine, Lux, has chosen two of our recent projects for their ‘energy exemplars’ strand. Our work for the V&A’s Asian gallery was featured for its use of the Xicato module in object lighting, whereas Atmosphere at the Science Museum was included for the custom fixtures with monochromatic LEDs to create an intense blue wash in the gallery. In each case, the fixtures were supplied by Mike Stoane Lighting.

Read more in Lux here.

Mike Stoane’s website can be found here.