Corporate - Swire Properties TaiKoo Hui show suite, Hong Kong

The first of two marketing suites for Swire Properties to promote a new development in Guangzhou, this show suite in Hong Kong was completed at the end of 2006. The interior space was designed by Sugar Design Consultants.

The show suite consists of two very distinct spaces: a circle and a square. The lighting in both spaces uses linear RGB LED strips concealed within the architecture, either at high level within ceiling details, or at low level within furniture and at the base of the graphic panels. Large glass graphics are front lit in the Circle space using recessed AR111 gimble fittings in the ceiling, circuited in groups so that the panels are illuminated in sequence as you walk through the space. The Square space is dominated by a large model of the development, sitting on a plinth and internally illuminated with LED sources.

As at the TaiKoo Hui showsuite in Guangzhou, the lighting scenes are activated manually using a wireless iPAC handheld controller as you walk through the space, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for the visitor.

Sugar Design Consultants

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