Exterior - Athena Sculpture, London

The Athena sculpture by artist Nasser Azam is the tallest bronze sculpture in the UK, and has been installed in the centre of a roundabout on an approach road adjacent to London's City Airport.

The sculpture is formed from a stainless steel structural skeleton to which the 10mm thick bronze skin is attached. DHA Designs worked with the artist, landscape designers and engineers, to develop a lighting scheme that beautifully models the sculpture at night. 

Using a total of three inground metal halide uplights from Lumascape (two at the front and one at the rear), a soft wash of cool white light uplights the main body of the sculpture. The head and torso are picked out using a cluster of six narrow beam LED spotlights from ACDC, fitted within custom brackets and mounted to the top of an existing street light in front of the sculpture.

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Nasser Azam