Exterior - Ontario Tower London

DHA Designs joined the design team for Ballymore's Ontario Tower Project in 2004, working alongside architects SOM to realise their original architectural concept for an external blue ring and inner halo of white light around the sloping shear roof of this new apartment tower in London's docklands.

Both rings of light around the top of the tower are created using exterior rated linear LED luminaires, manufactured by Philips Lighting, all with integral control gear and standard optics. The outer blue ring uses a ribbed lens optic to create a letter-box distribution of light that evenly illuminates the underside edge of the parapet wall. The inner white ring again uses LED luminaires from the same manufacturer, integrated within the rails that support the BMU cradle around the perimeter of the roof.

DHA Designs also designed the lighting scheme for the landscape area that extends from the hotel towards the river. Internally illuminated pole luminaires rise out of the planter beds, glowing with warm white light. Small warm white LEDs recessed into the low planter walls wash across sets of steps and beneath bench seats along the planter beds. Stainless steel bollard lights create pools of light along the riverside promenade. 

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