Exterior - Science Museum London facade

As part of the Science Museum's vision "Museum of the Future", the existing facade on Exhibition Road in London undwerwent a transformation in 2012, including a full restoration and cleaning of Richard Allison's original stonework facade. DHA Designs were responsible for designing a new exterior lighting treatment to the facade.

The lighting design uses two layers of LED sources, all manufactured by Ecosense. Linear wall grazers are mounted on the edge of the first floor sill, located end to end between each of the stone columns. The precise 10 x 60 degree wash of warm white light easily reaches the full height of the columns, grazes the decorative ironwork of the window frames (now fully restored to their original colours) and goes on to evenly uplight the decorative cornice along the roof line. At the lower level, wide beam LED floodlights gently wash onto the stone facade from behind the ground floor balustrade. The project won the 'Outdoor Lighting Project of the year' category at the 2013 Lux Awards, where the judges praised the scheme for its 'simplicity & sympathy for the building's architecture'.


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Completion Date

National Museum of Science & Industry
March 2013