Interior - Alea Casino, Glasgow

DHA Designs were commissioned by London Clubs to light the Real Studios-designed interiors for this flagship casino, the largest in Scotland.  As well as precise gaming lighting, the brief included three bars, a fine dining restaurant and entertainment venue.  

There were two big challenges: the gaming lighting strategy and the central wave feature, a wooden raft structure that floats through the spaces.

DHA Designs wanted to integrate the gaming lighting and other services (speakers, CCTV) and, together with Real Studios, designed large curved pendants which accommodated all the necessary equipment.  This kept the ceilings relatively clear and the backlit pendants weave through the space like links in a chain.  As well as accommodating 400 adjustable downlights, all the pendants themselves pivot by 360 degrees, to ensure future gaming layouts can be successfully lit.

The wave which curves through the atrium space, was lit by a custom-designed 8m high chandelier.  Due to access limitations, the lighting is contained within the top disc, which can be swung across for easy access, and utilises long life metal halide lamps.  The chandelier itself is a series of different sized glass balls on rods, like water bubbles within the wave.

The chandelier and gaming pendants were fabricated by Chelsom.

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