Corporate - Siemens Urban Sustainability Visitor Centre

A new corporate building (designed by WEA and Pringle Brandon) for Siemens, with an “Urban Sustainability Visitor Centre” designed by Event Communications. 

At the time of design, Osram were part of Siemens and so we were encouraged to use as much of their product on the job as we could. This was handy as we got to know a lot about their very useful led strips and tapes (LINEARlight flex, Dragon etc) with Martyn Roberts providing excellent support throughout the project,

Also worthy of mention are Specialz, who made 250m of dmx controllable pulsing RGB “energy lines”, one of those “asks” from a designer thrown at you in a creative meeting (the lines not the designer) that makes you groan (silently, of course). So, many thanks to Colonel Dave Smith and his special ops dept’ Warren Steadman

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