Exterior - Latymer Upper School Music Building, London

DHA Designs worked with architects van Heyningan & Haward on the exterior and landscape lighting for the new music building at Latymer Upper School in Ravenscourt Park, West London.

The new three storey building consists of a north facing glazed foyer overlooking the landscaped heart of the school, and a zinc clad south facade offering views from the rehearsal rooms. The building is linked to the existing school via two glazed bridges.

At night, the exterior lighting transforms the space: narrow beam inground metal halide uplights graze up along the slender brick piers, contrasting the warm glow from the interior lighting of the foyer. Three feature windows on the south facade are illuminated at night using linear lengths of colour changing LED luminaires that uplight the soffits above. The standard colour is a blue green wash, but for special functions, the school has the ability to select one of two colour changing sequences using the Mode Evolution lighting control system.

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