Interior - Knole House Conservation Studio

DHA Designs have completed the lighting design for the 1/F Conservation Studio at The Barn in Knole House, Sevenoaks, Kent. The new lighting scheme replaces the original scheme from 2017 when the studio was first opened. Tne lighting design includes a series of linear pendant luminaires, providing independent direct and indirect illumination, controlled in the studio using Casambi Xpress controllers.

The original lighting scheme consisted of two long runs of lighting track and LED spots, complemented by a series of pendants in the centre of the space. Linear LED cove lighting was included to highlight the beautiful timber slatted ceiling. The colour temperature was considered too warm and the lighting created too many shadows and contrast for the conservation team. The client's brief requested an average illumination level of 800lux on the desk surface, and a cooler colour of light. DHA Designs selected 4000K for the new luminaires and introduced Lee Zircon filters to sit above the original warm white LED cove light. The new linear pendant fixtures incorporate VDT louvres for the direct light, and opal diffusers for the upward light.

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