Exhibitions - Churchill Gallery, Cabinet War Rooms

A gallery dedicated to the life of Winston Churchill, the aim of the exhibition was to reveal the character of this famous war-time leader through his possessions, artefacts and documents. Casson Mann used a rich mix of interactive and audio-visual displays to bring a dramatic period of British history to life in a very atmospheric space: the Cabinet War Rooms were hastily converted from a basement in the Treasury building into war-time headquarters at the outbreak of the Second World War.

The War Rooms crerated some particular technical difficulties for the exhibition lighting: the space is low, and heavily reinforced with metalwork throughout. The walls are thick, as a result of the wartime reinforcement work, creating major problems for the routing of cables and control wiring. DHA designed a special low-profile light fixture with Light Projects, to fit standard lighting track, so that the lighting was as unobtrusive in this low space as possible.

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