Exhibitions - EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, Dublin

In April we commissioned lighting for EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum at CHQ in Dublin.

This interesting new museum, set inside a set set inside 200 year old customs vaults beside the river Liffey in Dublin, EPIC tells the story of the Irish Diaspora. It was designed by Event, with a/v by GE&Co and Elbow, and sound by Peter Key.

Each vault is a delicate balance of a/v and light - there is probably more media in this exhibition than anything we’ve done before. Balance was therefore critical and there are a lot of concealed discrete led features, as well as a rather unusual interpretation of a “brain synapse” that was knitted out of fibre (and other elements) for us by the esteemed Colonel Dave Smith of Specialz, and his team.

Lighting support was by High Res in Dublin, with Mark Galione programming for us.


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Completion Date

Event Communications
April 2016