Permanent Galleries - Atmosphere Gallery

The Atmosphere gallery is the Science Museum's contribution to the debate that surrounds climate change, both in the UK and across the world.  Conceived as a deeply immersive space that surrounds the visitor in the same way that Earth's atmosphere surrounds every living thing on the planet.  Large-format projection, physical interactives and clusters of objects represent the Earth and the organisms that live on it. 

The lighting scheme supports CassonMann’s exciting design, immersing the space in a deep blue wash whilst highlighting the key objects in warmer tones.  All of the light sources were chosen for their low energy footprint to suit the subject, with custom-designed LED pendants providing the blue glow.   The gallery won the 'Public Building' category in the 2012 Lighting Design Awards, described as, 'A great, dramatic, theatrical, approach' by the judges.


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