Permanent Galleries - Kuwait Oil Company Museum

In Spring 2016 we commissioned a new museum for the Kuwait Oil Company, situated on the outskirts of Kuwait City. 

This museum tells the full story of the oil industry and features many interpretive techniques including Pepper’s Ghosts, as well as fire and steam effects.

We first specified this in 2008 and had to re-work it to incorporate as much LED as possible as the original specs were metal halide and tungsten. In fact many of fittings were obsolete, and we were greatly assisted in bringing it up to current specs by the team from SI Electrical.

As well as traditional display lighting there is a large amount of darkness, and a lot of black shiny floors.

Some very nice exhibition design by Event, films by Graham English, effects by Backstage Technologies and show programming and support by Blacklight of Scotland.

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Completion Date

Kuwait Oil Company
Spring 2016