Permanent Galleries - Mary Rose Museum - Update 2016

DHA have now updated the hull lighting for the Mary Rose Museum.

We first lit the hull in 2004 when the ship was in its conservation “hotbox” being sprayed with PEG, a chemical which slowly forces out water from the waterlogged cells and replaces it with a waxy material that stops the cell walls collapsing. As well as having to use IP68 luminaires and special cables, this also involved focusing while wearing breathing apparatus in 45 minute sessions, most of which were spent on cranes accessing the lights.

In 2014 the museum was redesigned (see

Now that the drying cycle of the conservation process for the hull has been completed, the “Hotbox” enclosure has been removed allowing full, panoramic views of the ship remains.

The hull lighting has been re-designed (and updated to an all LED scheme). There are a series of dramatic “looks” that (very) slowly dissolve into each other, giving both an atmospheric feel for the hull, as well as a more “open white” look. Additionally, a set of a/v presentations have been created that project images into and around the hull.

This phase of the museum design was by REAL Studios, a/v by Graham English, sound by Peter Key and lighting equipment and control by Control Lighting and Enliten.

Photography: Hufton+Crow

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Completion Date

Summer 2016