Photographer: Alan Williams. Image courtesy of Westminster Abbey


Permanent Galleries - Queen's Diamond Jubilee Galleries

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Galleries are a new museum inside Westminster Abbey, located in the medieval triforium, a gallery running 50ft above the Abbey floor. Hidden to the public for over 700 years, the opening of the Galleries marks an exciting moment in the Abbey’s history.

The Galleries give visitors magnificent views to the Palace of Westminster and into the Abbey church. They  tell the history of Westminster Abbey through 300 treasures from the Abbey’s collection, reflecting its rich and varied thousand-year history.

Photographer: Alan Williams. Image courtesy of Westminster Abbey

DHA Designs were responsible for the lighting design for all gallery spaces in the triforium. The design is based on a family of high level track mounted spotlights by Mike Stoane Lighting, with five different optics. All fixtures use Xicato Artist XID 3000K LED modules and are controlled via Bluetooth using Xicato's GalaXi lighting control. In addition to the track lighting, some displays also have integrated case lighting, either using LED or fibre optic lighting. The two areas of stained glass displays in front of the windows are internally lit with KKDC TiMi LED strips. All power to luminaires that do not use Xicato LED modules are connected to the GalaXi lighting control using Xicato Intelligent Bridges. The Bridges either switch non-dimmed loads or provide 1-10V signals to remote dimmable LED drivers. A total of twenty three ceiling mounted PIR and daylight sensors are located across the galleries, which are responsible for switching on and off the lighting at the beginning and end of the day, and dimming the lighting during peak daylight hours, in order to preserve the limited lux-hour budget in the galleries. Within eleven of the sensor housings, Xicato's Intelligent Network Gateways connect the devices together, and provide remote access across a secure network. A small wireless touchscreen device provides the client with manual scene control in the galleries, sending scene commands across the Gateways.

A video of the project can be viewed here.


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Completion Date

Westminster Abbey
June 2018