Permanent Galleries - RAMM Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter

After 6 years of work, DHA Designs completed its design scheme at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter.  Working with exhibition designers RAA and architects Allies and Morrison, the team sympathetically restored this popular local museum.  DHA Designs were responsible for lighting the nine refurbished permanent galleries, ranging from Pre-Historic to the Natural World.

The Museum, a memorial to Prince Albert, re-opened in December 2011 on the 150th anniversary of his death.  This Victorian Museum has been retained and sensitively refurbished, and a new wing and new entrance were added.  The galleries have been modernised to preserve the collection, with DHA designing careful and considered lighting to match.  Both RAA and RAMM have won several awards, most notably the prestigious Art Fund Museum of the Year Award in 2012.


David Robertson

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RAA / Exeter City Council