Permanent Galleries - Science Museum – Wellcome Wing

Four floors of exhibition space were lit to provide a dramatic environment for the different subjects in each gallery. The building had a strong architectural concept called the 'deep blue void' by MJP architects, which provided a low ambient light level throughout the building. The gallery lighting schemes had to provide a unique identity for each of the different subjects (genetics, digital data, the future of science) and needed to respond to the design styles in each space, but without conflicting with the intense blue.

DHA worked closely with exhibition designers Wilkinson Eyre and CassonMann, using low level lighting and coloured lighting judiciously throughout the exhibition.  Ancillary areas such as the Deep Blue Café had a dedicated lighting solution to suit the architecture.  Following its opening in 2000, DHA Designs have been involved in the re-lighting of several displays, including the award-winning Atmosphere Gallery


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Wilkinson Eyre; CassonMann