Permanent Galleries - SeaCity Museum

Designed by architects Wilkinson Eyre, the project encompassed a Pavilion extension and conversion of the beautiful listed 1930s Town Hall.  Within this, Urban Salon designed an exhibition to tell Southampton’s Titanic story.  The existing cells, court rooms and public spaces of the Town Hall were converted to help tell this story.  The museum opened as a commemoration of the sinking of the ship in 1912.

Working on both basebuild and exhibition elements allowed DHA Designs to coordinate the lighting elements, including the external lighting to the new Pavilion.  The lighting helped tell the story of Southampton’s population who worked on the ship taking the visitor from the streets of the city, into the ship, before dealing with the inquest and aftermath.  Since opening in 2012, DHA Designs have returned to re-light their temporary exhibition space.


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Wilkinson Eyre / Urban Salon