Permanent Galleries - V&A FuturePlan

Appointed as lighting consultants to the V&A FuturePlan I in 2002, DHA Designs are delighted to have worked continuously with the V&A for over ten years, now on FuturePlan III.  From the early Photography (2002) and Paintings Galleries (2003), DHA Designs have lit over 70 different permanent rooms within the museum, and most recently the Blythe House Clothworkers’ Centre (late 2013).  Current projects include the new Exhibition Road Galleries (2015).

The huge ambition of FuturePlan I allowed DHA Designs to work with many leading architects – such as Pringle Richards Sharrat; Eva Jiricna Architects; Softroom and Stanton Williams.  The variety of both designs and collections were fascinating, from the EJA-designed Gilbert Bayes Sculpture Gallery (2004), to the CassonMann-designed jewel-like Miniatures Gallery (2006), and the V&A-designed Theatre and Performance Galleries (2009).

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