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DHA Designs are the lighting consultants to the British Library and have worked on every PACCAR Gallery exhibition since the year 2000 when they lit their Oscar Wilde show.  They have worked closely with the in-house exhibitions team to specify new fixtures, including LED spotlights for this exhibition space.  They worked on the re-design of the Treasures Gallery and on the Magna Carta Room, and advised on the new Conservation Centre and other public areas.  

DHA Designs brief is to make the collection accessible despite very restricted light levels.  These excellent exhibitions include Lindisfarne (2003); Three Faiths (2007); Henry VIII (2009) and Royal Manuscripts (2011).  Recent work includes Propaganda, Power and Persuasion, and Georgians Revealed (both 2013).  They have lit and advised the Library's collection in many other venues when special manuscripts have been loaned out.


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