Temporary Galleries - Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age

Recently opened at London’s Science Museum, the new “Cosmonauts” gallery tells the story of Russian space exploration with an exciting collection of objects and artworks never previously seen in public.

Armed with a new IPAF licence and a copy of “How To Light Spaceships Properly” Adam spent an interesting week on a Skyjack, lurching between Lunar Landers and Vostock capsules with a box of new Erco Parscan spotlights wedged into the platform. Additional lighting from Beacon Muse spotlights mounted at low level helped highlight the extraordinary features on a wide range of capsules and satellites, casting long shadows onto the backing panels.

The showcases and various reveals were all fitted with small TANA M led strips, from KKDC, and the capsule internal lighting was provided by Basis.

In the final section, (often the bit where the money runs out) designers Real Studios wished to create an unworldly environment for the display of a test flight mannequin from the 1960’s. This life size figure contained radiation sensors and was sent around the moon in a Zond 7 spacecraft. Taking inspiration from James Turrell, we used a mixture of Led Linear and Phillips eColor Cove MX (all from Architainment) to create a richly atmospheric room in which the figure reclines, gazing up at the “red planet” beyond.

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